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What does being a volunteer mean?

As seen earlier, there are some advantages to being an event organizer.

Now let's talk about responsibilities towards the BlaBla Language Exchange community.

Remember that you represent the "BlaBla Language Exchange" community.

As an organizer, you have an obligation to take care of our members.

You have to be someone polite, kind, smiling, and who likes to be in contact with people.

Caring for our members and making them feel good is our Number 1 priority.

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1. Make sure the place is ready for the event

Prepare the place 15 minutes before the start time,

it will be less work during the event.

- Distribute our BalBla posters on the reserved tables, but also on the walls if the bar agrees, so that our space will be view as soon as the members enter the location.

- If you operate with language tables, distribute the "BlaBla Languages" posters on tables, if possible in a standing position to avoid damaging them.

2. Connect people together

Be sure that all participants interact with each other. Never leave someone alone.

Do not forget that you will be the main event landmark, and it is thanks to you that participants will appreciate your event, and will surely come back thereafter.

Our statistics show that more than 80% of our participants return to our events.

When the event work with a team, you can also divide the participants according to your language skills, or according to the languages you want to work on.

As we said, by being an organizer, you will develop your language skills faster than others.

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3. Take photos or make sure you have someone who does it for you.
BlaBla Language Exchange Dublin.png
3. Bring life to your event, group and online Facebook page

If our events work well, it is due to a good combination of organizers and online work.

It is therefore important to take care of your event online.
Do not hesitate to publish useful information, funny messages, updates, etc ...

Our online team will also post regular messages (volunteer recruitment, photographer, community updates, etc.) on your city's social networks.

However, nothing beats personalized messages from our organizers, so feel free to write posts.

Little tip: It is possible to schedule what you want to publish on Facebook.

Photos are our best weapon.

Pictures are proof that our events are real, but it's also a great way to advertise the community.

Having good photos with people, smiles, will inevitably attract more participants to our next events.

Attention, it is essential to put our logo forward, if possible the one with the name of your city (check the picture on your left. Our eventin Dublin attracted more than 120 people/event)

This saves us from retouching photos and also strengthens our online presence.

Good to know: When registering as well as in the description of the event, we insist that by participating in our events, our members agree to be photographed and / or film for commercial purposes.

It is however recommended, to be polite, to always ask people before starting to photograph.

Comment ça fonctionne?
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