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Please note, we recommend boargames only for events where participants are seated.

Guess the word on your head

What more effective way to present this game via the "Inglorious Bastards" movie.

And they perfectly explain the game rules.

You can guess an object, a famous character and much more, in all languages.

Recommend this game for 4 people max.

90 seconds / Participant

You need:

- Stikers & Pens


Easy to set up, just put it on a table, and it allows you to boost conversations, and play in the same time.

That's great and we love it :)

Topics Box

The way is also super simple, and like Jenga, it is enough to put it on a table.

It is an ideas box where participants can pick out topics for conversation.

Let's guess what are you going to talk about now...

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