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Benefits as an organizer

There are a lot of advantages in being an event organizer, and even more so when talking about international events.

1. Develop your social life effectively.

As an organizer, you will meet a lot of people for the simple reason that you have something to say. It will be very easy for you to create contacts with members.

2. Develop your language skills faster than others

If you are a lover of languages, you will be served.

You will be able to welcome your members in English, French, Spanish, Chinese, and much more.

3. Free drinks? Bargain easily with bars!

If your events attract more than 20 people, it will be easy for you to negotiate with bars for free drinks... 

4. Gain confidence and develop your personal skills

If you are someone a little shy or reserved, this is THE way to take a big leap forward without having to make a lot of efforts.

And in addition, you will like it.

5. Are you changing cities?

Continue and make a new event

Once you join the BlaBla Language Exchange community, you can organize ephemeral events (called "BlaBla On The Way") when you travel.

If you move, you can either create an event in your city or join a team already in place.

6. A good CV

It's proven! Employers greatly appreciate event organizers for their social qualities: Initiative, Management skills, positivity, good attitude, reliability, and much more ...

We will also be happy to provide you with a recommendation letter if you ask, depending on your involvement and time spent with us.

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A little bit of our storie

Created in 2016 by Florian Z, in Hanoi (Vietnam),

the BlaBla Language Exchange community first proposed meetings only for French speakers. 

Our last name was

"Original French Language Exchange".

--Only good memories--

A few weeks later, every Thursday, the event hosted around 100 participants in 9 language groups: English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and of course Vietnamese.

Back in France, the challenge to spread the name "BlaBla Exchange" was launched.

Today with more than 100 organizers worldwide, the BlaBla Language Exchange adventure continues to surprise us every day.

Our philosophy

The BlaBla Language Exchange community aims to organize free language events, to allow cultural exchanges between local communities and expatriates from the same city.

Our slogan perfectly reflects our philosophy:

"Meet new people, Makenew friends and speak a lot of languages".

Mostly, Our events take place in bars, cafes, or even youth hostels cause the atmosphere is already friendly.

During summer, we can also organize our events outside.

Depending on the cities and the wishes of the organizers, external events such as barbecues, treasure hunts, hikes, themed evenings can also be organized.

That's the magic of a community!

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How are we working?

Our BlaBla Language Exchange community specializes in international events as well as language learning.

Our events can either operate with language zones and games or with flags to stick on clothing.

We believe it is essential that our organizers express themselves through our events.

We show you the way, but you decide how you want to take it.

It is up to YOU to decide which system you wish to set up.

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