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Step 1 - "BlaBla Language Exchange", what is it?

BlaBla L.Exchange is a community that operates in order to organize language exchanges events around the world.

The goal of BlaBla Language Exchange is to give the opportunity to meet people and exchange languages. 




Why we created BlaBla Language Exchange?
- Encourage meetings between people from different cultures. If you have already been an expatriate (excluding students), you know that it is difficult to meet interesting people in a foreign city. This is the first reason why I created the BlaBla Language Exchange group. I met most of my friends and made my best acquaintance at the events of BlaBla, and I am the first surprised to realize the impact that the community has had on a lot of people: Birth of beautiful friendships & birth of new couples.
Promote knowledge sharing and language learning effectively. You can teach your language and also improve your linguistic skills by speaking with native people.

- Expand your circle of personal and professional relationships. Of course, the organizers are the first to benefit.

Allow travelers to meet locals during their travels. We try to offer travelers a place of exchange and communication, without spending too much money. Obviously, we are the first to enjoy!

How do our events work?
The concept is simple and effective:

We begin all our events with an English group, and step by step, when the number of participants increases, we set up different language groups.

For example, if 3 people want to speak French, we will establish a French group for them.

Obviously, it is more interesting to have native speakers who share their languages. Our groups are flexible, so it is quite possible, it is recommended to switch among different language groups during the meeting. For example, if you are French, you may very start to join the French group after you can join different language groups that you are interested in.