As a BlaBla organizer, your role is very important!

You are the image of our community, and the quality of our events depends on you!

We require a good level of English for you to be able to communicate with the participants. We are also interested in your human qualities.

In order to be in line with the values ​​of our community, we are looking for warm, kind, open-minded and honest people. For us, your human qualities are much more important than your skills.

What we expect from our organizers:

- Make sure the place is ready for our events.
- Greet the participants in a friendly manner.
- Connect people together.

- Animate your events.
- Take photos, make videos.
- Share your events on social networks.

What you get as an organizer:

- Develop your social life effectively.
- Develop your language skills faster than others.
- Gain self-confidence.

- Get new opportunities.

- Improve your C.V and get a recommendation letter.

- Free drinks? Bargain easily with cafés or bars.

Do you feel good? Do you agree with all our conditions? Join us on What's App group!

As soon as you joined the group, please introduce yourself and give us the following information:
- Name, first name, age, nationality.
- Place of residence (city) and for how long you plan to stay there.
- Have you ever participated in BlaBla Language Exchange events or similar events.
- Why do you want to organize BlaBla Language Exchange events. Thank you for detailing.

Once in the group, we will open a private chat with you as soon as possible.