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Step 2: How do our events work?

BlaBla Language Exchange Le Mans.png

We mainly have 2 different ways of organizing our events:
- With language tables.
- Without language tables.

The choice is always given to our BlaBla organizers.

As long as our events allow the practice of languages ​​and encourage meetings, we think that it is much more interesting for everyone to let our organizers create events in their own way.

Check our videos below...

Events with language tables


Local language as well as English are guaranteed.
The events start with a group in English and as soon as 2 or 3 people wish to speak another language, a new language table can be created.

The number of language tables depend on the participants.

It is possible to move from one table to another.

Games are also welcome.

Events withourt language tables


This type of organization is more oriented towards exchanges & meetings. Anyone can speak with everyone, and the language skills will also depend on who you are talking to.
The role of the organizers is to encourage meetings, and to try to meet the expectations of our members.
For example, if a person wishes to speak Japanese, our organizers will direct that person to other members who speak Japanese.

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