Step 2: How do our events work?

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It is our organizers who decide how the events work in their cities. As long as our events allow the practice of languages ​​and encourage meetings, we think that it is much more interesting for everyone to give "carte blanche" to our teams.

We love to try and see different things, we love our members to feel like part of a big family, we value the creativity of our organizers and we want everyone to be proud of the work accomplished.

From one city to another, our BlaBla Language Exchange events can be totally different, and we just love it.

Below, some ideas of how it works

Events organized in language tables


Quite popular in small towns where expatriates are scarce, members are divided into language tables. Discussions can be free or the organizers can also suggest topics for discussion.

Free events, no language tables.


More popular in large cities that host large numbers of expatriates, these events are more geared towards meeting friends and our members are free to speak with whomever they wish.

If participants wish to speak a well-defined language, they can refer to our signage (posters, flags, etc...) or ask our organizers for help.

Games are also welcome.