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Contacter les membres du groupe en privé, puis vider le groupe. 

Message à envoyer

Hi there, I'm Jocya from the *BlaBla Language Exchange Community*, nice to meet you 🙂.

I allow myself to contact you because you have joined our What's App group to *become an event organizer*.


If you would to join our community as an event organizer, I would like you to answer a few questions so that I can orient you properly.
- First and last name
- Age
- City where you live and where you would like to organize events.
- Native country
- Please explain why you would like to organize events and work with us?


Please, be sure to understand that we do not pay our organizers, it is volunteer work.

If you joined our What's App group by mistake, please do not respond. 

*ATTENTION: We're going to empty the What's App group for the next few people. This group was just created to contact you*

Thank you in advance for your future reply and have a great day 🙂.

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