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Recrutement de nouveaux organisateurs

Méthodes de recrutement:

- Publications dans les événements, groupes et pages Facebook

- Questions pendant l'inscription aux événements.

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1. Présentation: Si vous connaissez le prénom de la personne, intégrez le au message.
Hi, I'm Florian, I am in charge of the online part of the BlaBla Language Exchange community. I'm happy to know you :)
How are you?

2. Confirmer que la personne souhaite devenir organisateur d'événement.
I saw that you joined the What's App BlaBla Language Exchange group to become an organizer, is that right? 
Besides, now this group will be emptied for the following people, it is no longer useful to you. If you are interested in joining our community, I would redirect you to another group after our discussion.
I think you've already read the few pages on our website. However, I would like to remind you that we operate on a voluntary basis. If you didn't read it, please do it:

3. Les demandes d'informations
I would like to have some information before starting. Sorry, maybe I'll make you repeat again:
- Your full name, age, nationality and what languages ​do ​you speak (by level, native language first)?
- Where are you living and how long do you plan to stay in your city? 
- Did you read our 3 pages of explanation correctly?
- Have you ever attended a BlaBla Language Exchange event or something similar?
- Which are your available days?

4. Remerciements (Important !)
Thank you very much for your motivation !

I'm waiting for your answer. I will be back tomorrow  :) 

Une fois que la personne est d'accord, l'intégrer au groupe What's App de sa ville


Liste des groupes What's App par ville


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