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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How our events are working
    Our events are above all based on international meetings. The concept is simple: Meet new people, make friends and speak foreign languages (in addition to the local language). We do not necessarily offer language tables. The languages spoken depend on you and your interlocutors. To give you an idea of how our events work, we invite you to check our Youtube channel:
  • How can I join your BlaBla Language Exchange events?
    You can join our events spontaneously. By participating in our events, we consider that you have read and accepted our conditions of participation.
  • I can't find the location of the event.
    If the location of your event is not indicated, this probably means that the event has no organizers available.
  • I cannot register for the event.
    It is not mandatory to register for our events.
  • Can I be late?
    It is strongly recommended to come at the time indicated. Our organizers continue to accept newcomers 1 hour after the start of the event. In addition, if there are already too many people at the event, our organizers reserve the right to refuse latecomers. The end time indicated is only for informational purposes. The event can last longer as it can end faster.
  • How to apply to become a BlaBla event organizer?
    Please follow this link:
  • Media requests
    For any media request, please contact us by email:
  • Business requests
    Please, contact us by email (english or french):
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