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Apply as BlaBla Photographer

📸 Whether you're a pro with a 5 stars camera or just love taking photos with your phone, we've got something cool for you!

Join us at our events to forge connections with people from around the globe, immerse yourself in the local and/or different languages, and capture the vibrant spirit of our BlaBla cultural carnival.

We're not simply inviting you to observe from a distance and act like a paparazzi but we want you to dive in, engage in lively conversations over drinks, and create lasting memories with fellow participants as well :)


Be sure to understand that we working in the volunteering basis, so we can't give you piles of cash but we're more than happy to give your online presence a boost.

When we showcase your incredible work, we'll make sure to spread the word about your Instagram, YouTube, or LinkedIn profile.

So, grab your camera or your phone and get ready to capture some magic with us!

🌟 Fill the form and join us 🌟

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