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BlaBla On The Way #4

🎉 BlaBla On The Way #4 is cooooming (Yeah / Youpiiii !) 🎉

Hey BlaBla Lovers, longtime we didn't make, so are you ready for BlaBla On The Way #4? 🤩 

This time, the concept will be a little bit different as we will mix events and adventures ;)
For this trip, we're heading to Indochina - that's Thailand 🇹🇭, Laos 🇱🇦, Vietnam 🇻🇳, and Cambodia 🇰🇭! 🌴🌏

You can also join us for the whole trip (at your own expense) or just tag along for some of the fun. We'll be mixing adventure with language events, so get ready for an action-packed couple of weeks! 💪

We've got six language events lined up, folks! 🙌🗓️ Here's where we'll be:


- Saturday, April 29: BlaBla Language Exchange Event in Bangkok, Thailand. Get ready to eat some seriously spicy food! 🌶️

- Tuesday, May 2: BlaBla Language Exchange Event in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Elephants, anyone? 🐘

- Thursday, May 4: BlaBla Language Exchange Event in Vientiane, Laos. Time to brush up on your Laotian! 🇱🇦

- Monday, May 8: BlaBla Language Exchange Event in Hanoi, Vietnam. Pho, anyone? 🍜

- Wednesday, May 10: BlaBla Language Exchange Event in Saigon, Vietnam. Ready for some high-speed motorbike action? 🏍️

- Thursday, May 11: BlaBla Language Exchange Event in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Let's learn some Khmer! 🇰🇭


We'll be sharing all the fun on our usual social media channels, and we've also got a special Telegram channel just for this trip where we'll share even more!

Join us here:

Oh, and if you feel like contributing to our epic journey, you can donate here: We promise to spend the money on something awesome! 🤑

Faites un don

Aidez-nous à faire la différence

Thanks for your support !

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