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Your missions

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Welcome & connect participants together !

As an organizer, we embody the image of the BlaBla community.

Your motivation, your sociability and mostly your kindness are what we are looking for !

Don't be shy & engage with as many people as possible. Remember, it's all about having fun and making connections.

Our main responsibility is to warmly welcome participants, help newcomers understand how our events workfacilitate connections between people, and don't leave anyone alone.

In short,make sure everyone spend a good time, including yourself. Never stay at the entrance and waiting for people but the light of events !

Break the Ice !

Sometimes events flow naturally, with attendees engaging in interesting conversations. Other times, people may feel unsure about what to discuss.

There are several ways to break the ice, such as using question boxes or incorporating games like "guess-head" or "Time's up." without forcing participants.

Opportunities for Expansion

If you're overmotivated, you can organize additional events through the community, as long as it do not compete with or overshadow our main events, it's possible. Occasional outings or game events are welcome.

Forbidden actions !

To maintain the integrity of our community, there are a few things that organizers are prohibited from doing:
- Requesting money from participants.
- Enforcing microphone interventions or any other activities that limit communication among participants.
- Establishing partnerships without prior authorization.

- Diverting participants to communication channels not officially set up by our community.

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