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Welcome future BlaBla organizers

BlaBla Language Exchange goals / Friendship Extravaganza!

Created in 2016 in Hanoi (Vietnam), our BlaBla Language Exchange community currently offers events in a hundred cities worldwide and bring together more than 200 organizers on 5 continents. 

The main purpose of our events is to promote international meetings, allow our participants to create new friendships and also, for those interested, to progress in foreign languages.

Our events are FREE of charge and take place in cafes, bars or hostels.

Our ultimate goal is to host mind-blowing events in major cities where locals, expats, and wanderers can meet, bond, and level up their language skills, all while sipping on delightful fruit juices, clinking glasses of wine, or indulging in ice-cold beers.

Our concept is awesome & very simple.

BlaBla Language Exchange Dublin 2.png

Your values rather than your skills

As an organizer, you will embody the image of the BlaBla community.

Your motivation, your sociability and your kindness are for us your main assets. 

A sufficient level in English will also be required for you to be able to interact with all participants.

At BlaBla Language Exchange, our events focus on facilitating international connections rather than solely language learning. The primary goal is to create an inclusive and enjoyable environment for people to meet and have a good time. Language practice is an added bonus, and forming language-specific groups is not mandatory.


Typically, we aim to establish an English-speaking group and a group in the local language. However, we accommodate requests for other languages whenever possible.

BlaBla Language Exchange Lyon2.png

Your missions

As organizers, our main responsibility is to warmly welcome participants, encourage exchanges, and ensure everyone feels comfortable.


Don't be shy & engage with as many people as possible. Remember, it's all about having fun and making connections.

- Make sure the place is ready for our events

- Greet the participants & connect people together.

- Animate your events.

- Take photos, make videos.

What you can get as an organizer

Our BlaBla Language Exchange community operates on a voluntary basis, as an organizer, you will not be paid. 

However, becoming a BlaBla organizer can benefit both your personal and professional life.

- Develop your social life effectively by meeting lots of people and get new opportunities.

- Develop your language skills faster than others by interacting with lots of people. 

- Gain self-confidence. 

- Improve your C.V and get a recommendation letter from us. 

- Free drinks? Some of our partners will offer you free drinks. If so, we'll let you know.

BlaBla Language Exchange Vienna.png

Apply now & join our big family

Do you like our concept?

Would you like to be in?

Join us now as an event organizer by filling out the form.

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