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How to host BlaBla events in your place - Follow the line

The BlaBla Exchange community, what is it?

Created in 2016 in Hanoi (Vietnam), the BlaBla Language Exchange community offers events in a hundred cities worldwide. 

The main purpose of our events is to promote international meetings, allow our participants to create new friendships in a warm atmosphere, without any stress, around a drink.

Our events are free, without strict organization. We simply bring people together and let them talk.​​

Feel free to check our video bellow to get a better idea about our work (we are not using stickers anymore).

How to host BlaBla Language Exchange and/or Make friends events at your location?

It's quite simple, you just have to reserve an appropriate space for our participants, and clearly mark the area with our posters (we will send you a PDF with around 20 sheets to print).

We do not know the exact number of participants who come to our events. The best thing to do is to book an expandable space, at least for the first hour.


Good to know

We do NOT necessarily put in place organizers to manage our events.

Our operating system is very simple, participants come to events, meet other people and speak in the local language or in foreign languages, and that's all.

Our events are easy to manage. 

the participants do not necessarily know each other. It is essential to make our members pay directly when ordering in order to avoid unpaid bills.

We offer these events free of charge, however, in case of unpaid orders, we will not refund the loss.

Our participants usually arrive step by step, so there is normally no rush on your side.

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