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BlaBla and Make Friends Casablanca

Expect mingling with conversations typically in English and the local language. If you prefer other languages, just ask or find like-minded participants! 🌍🗣️ Got questions? DM us on Instagram:

BlaBla and Make Friends Casablanca
BlaBla and Make Friends Casablanca

Time & Location

Follow the dates on Telegram / Facebook

Follow our Telegram channel or Facebook

About the event

Meet new people - Make international and local friends - Speak languages - Have fun ;)

👉 Any question or request? Reach out to us on Instagram:

👉 Some guidelines for a delightful experience: - 🍺🥤 You are asked to order a drink directly upon arrival to participate. - 🚫 Outside food and drinks are not allowed. - 🧹 Maintain cleanliness, as it was when you arrived. - 🤝 Be polite and respectful (it's the golden rule).

👉 How it's working: Our format varies by city and organizer. Sometimes we opt for a mingling setup rather than designated language tables or areas. English and the local language are typically spoken. If you would like to speak other languages, please ask the organizers or seek for participants who meet your language expectations.

📲 Stay updated via our Telegram channels: All our links are on our website ;)

👉 Things to keep in mind before joining: - By attending our events, you consent to being photographed or filmed. - Remember to look after your belongings and your own well-being. - We do our best to always have organizers on site. In case of absence, feel free to integrate into the group.

👉🦸🏻‍♀️/🦸🏻 Make a Difference with BlaBla: Volunteer as an Event Organizer (volunteering)! These gatherings are brought to you by BlaBla Language Exchange, spanning over 150 cities across 5 continents.

👉🦸🏻‍♀️/🦸🏻 Share your photography / video skills: Volunteer as photographer (volunteering)!


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