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Welcome future BlaBla organizers

BlaBla Language Exchange Dublin 2.png

BlaBla Language Exchange goals / Friendship Extravaganza!

Created in 2016 in Hanoi (Vietnam), our BlaBla Language Exchange organization currently offers events in more than a hundred cities worldwide and bring together more than 200 organizers on 5 continents. 

Our ultimate goal is to host mind-blowing events in major cities, to promote international meetings where locals, expats, and wanderers can meet, bond, and level up their language skills, all while sipping on delightful fruit juices, clinking glasses of wine, or indulging in ice-cold beers.

Our events are FREE of charge and mainly take place in cafes, bars or hostels.

Our concept is awesome & very simple.

As a BlaBla organizer, you will be the image of our community in your city.

A good state of mind, kindness and reliability will be your best weapons :)

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