Take pictures

please, try taking photos directly with the BlaBla Language Exchange logo. See pictures on the left. If you do not do this, you should protect the photos with the logo afterwards. Option number 1 is much easier to set up and requires less work.

Post pictures on Facebook

Please, after each event, can you create a photo album on your Facebook page (eg for Paris -
Once the album is created, you can share the album link with a small message (eg - thank you for participating in our event) on the event's Facebook page (for example for Paris -
It is very important to redirect participants to the Facebook page.

You can also share the photos on our Facebook group to motivate other directors to do the same - 

However, it will be necessary to post small messages (As "thank you for participating and see you next week") and photos to make it clear that the event has indeed taken place and that it has not been postponed.

You can download your logo right here. If you do not find it, just create it   =)

If you can make video, just do it  =)

An example of a video. If you do not have a camera, do not hesitate to ask the members who participate in the events. Many people will be happy to help.

If you wish, you can organize games
The HedBanz is one of our favorite games because it is very easy to understand, people are forced to speak and laugh well.
Just have Post-It & pens !

You can also download our games created by Nour, our great administrator in Paris!

Game HedBanz, By Nour Itani (BlaBla L.Exch Paris).

Click on the picture to download.

Games Time's Up / HedBanz rules / Happy Families rules / President rules

Click on the picture to download

Flags on the tables
If and only if your event attracts a minimum 30 / 40 people, you can directly display posters printed with flags. If your event attract less than 30 people, please start the event with an English group, if not some people will be alone.
You can download our documents here:

Other event ideas you can organize


Do not see anything and focus on language and touch. Our "Blind dating" event has been tested in Saigon successfully! Follow our Facebook page to sign up for the next "Blind dating"

The challenges of the game master

Keep calm and just enjoy the weather ! 

Eat & Drink together

Our event "Play Games & Make Friends" is an event focused on the game. You can organize parties with one or more board games ... In English obviously;)

To organize Our event "Challenge our game masters" you must be at least 6 admins - (1 administrator to welcome members and 5 game masters). The aim is to offer at least 5 different games and offer gift to the winners.