BlaBla Trip #3 (2021) - La reconquista (The reconquest)

Organizers: Florian, Olivier, Sidney, Cesco, Thomas, Guillaume, Alice, Pierre, Asem, William, Yacine, Dev, Omar, Val & Karoly 

France: Lyon → Grenoble → Montpellier → Toulouse → Bordeaux → La Rochelle → Nantes → Rennes → Orléans → Paris → Strasbourg

Switzerland: Basel → Neuchâtel → Lausanne → Geneva → Lugano

Czech Republic: Prague

Poland: Krakow → Warsaw → Poznan

Hungary: Budapest

Basel, Switzerland

Lausanne, Switzerland

Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Geneva, Switzerland

Lugano, Switzerland

Lyon, France

Budapest, Hungary


Organizer: Karoly 

As we had already been there last year, Budapest was not on the list of our BlaBla Trip.

Linh, a former member of our BlaBla Language Exchange community in Hanoi, proposed a meeting in Budapest. So it was a great opportunity to enjoy the BlaBla Language Exchange event in Budapest and see Koraly again, our great organizer in Budapest.