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Relancer les organisateurs de temps en temps (très important !)

Une fois la date, le lieu et les explications terminées, envoyer des messages de relances 1 semaines, puis 3 jours et 1 jour avant l'événement.

7 jours avant

Hi there, how are you? 

All is ok for next week? Have you already printed the designs?

Do you know how you are going to organize?

Have a great day :)

3 jours avant

Hi, I hope yourr are well. 

It's just a message to be sure that all ok. 

Have a nice day.

1 jour avant: Envoyer les images jointes pour lui montrer comment on prends les photos (groupe + logo)

Hi, are you ready for tomorrow? 

Do not forget to take a lot of pictures (even videos if you want), it's super important to advertise the event ;) 

Just ask people before take pictures.

Have a great day and enjoy !! 

Nice - France (2).jpg
Helsinki - Finland.jpg

1 jour après: Ajouter à la conversation la personne en charge de suivre les événements déjà actifs.

Puis Demander si tout c'est bien passé, demander les photos et surtout définir une prochaine date.

Hi there.

How was your event? Did you like it? How many people joined it? Do you have pictures? 

What was good? What was wrong?

When would you like to make the next one? 

I just added another person to the group. He is in charge of following up on events that have already started.

Thank you and have a nice day :) 

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