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Register for the BlaBla Race in Switzerland !

The casting is open until 13/06/2021

Between 5 and 10 teams of two people compete in a race in Switzerland.

1. The teams are made up of two people of the same nationality (as well as a cameraman).
2. The teams must hitchhike to reach the place of the event, then the point of arrival.
3. Teams can spend 1 francs / day. Water is provided.
4. The teams must be offered room and board at the inhabitant, if they do not want to spend a night outside without eating.

When a pair arrives last, they risk elimination.
Other rules will be added as the race progresses.

If you would like to participate in the adventure, please answer all questions.

You are about to complete an application file for which you will need 3 photos per person (a portrait, a silhouette and a photo summarizing your personality) and a photo of your partner if your registration is in pairs.
Please prepare these elements before starting your application.

To participate in the BlaBla race, you must be at least 18 years old and be available from Monday June 28 to Sunday July 4.

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