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BlaBla Knowledge...

Meet new people, learn new things and share it

We are going to France and Switzerland to meet new people who have interesting stories or skills to share.

Let's learn new things through these meetings.

Have fun !

1.The profession of upholsterer in Alsace

Three generations of upholsterers work together in this small workshop in Rixheim, France.

In 200 years, the profession has not changed much.

Let's hear what Antoine, the dean of the family, has to say.

Litzler Morand Tapissier
21 rue Basse, 68170 Rixheim

2. Painting & decoration - Meeting with Pierre-Henri Gagg, company manager


Video is coming soon...

Gagg Peinture & décoration

3 rue Paul-Henri Spaak

68.390 Sausheim


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