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Financial aspect

To ensure the stability and growth of our events, the locations, days, and times of our events are determined by our team and cannot be changed. 

This approach enables us to maintain our financial sustainability, expand to new cities, and operate independently without having to advertise, sell data, or beg our BlaBla lovers for money.

As part of this process, we can establish partnerships with local bars or venues. 

If that is the case in your city, we will do our best to provide you with complimentary drinks as a token of appreciation for your help.

Kindly be aware that we do not offer financial compensation to our organizers, and we strictly prohibit local partnerships without our permission.

We kindly request that individuals with financial motivations consider alternative avenues given that we operate on a voluntary basis.

Our investments primarily go towards online advertising, ensuring the growth and development of our community.

While we do not cover expenses such as labels or flags, we will gladly reimburse the cost of printing our logo, which you have to display.

Do you like what we do? Do you appreciate and accept our operating methods?

Want to join our BlaBla Squad? Apply now !

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