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About Us

Born in 2016 in Hanoi, the community's mission is to bring together expatriates and locals through language events.
All events are free, and everyone can take advantage of our international evenings to meet new people, make new friendships, and improve their language skills.


The BlaBla Language Exchange community adventures started in 2016, in Hanoi, capital of Vietnam, well know as "the land of the Ascending Dragon".

First specialized in French-speaking meetings, the community quickly proposed other language tables: English, Spanish, German, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and of course the local language, Vietnamese.

Back in France, new events are quickly launched in Europe, and later in America, Oceania, Asia and Africa.
in 2021, our community is present in more than 100 cities worldwide.

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BlaBla trips and adventures

We didn't talk about adventure for nothing. We also have a YouTube channel to share with you all of our videos shot during our events.

If you are planning to travel to Europe or elsewhere for a while, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will redirect you to our events.

will be able to easily meet the local populations around a drink, in a friendly atmosphere.

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Please feel free to contact us by email.